Medicine. A million diagnoses, But they only want one. A bundle of questions, With answers to some. Answers to what aches. And why am I so weak? Answers to what wakes. And why is life so bleak? Trust is what we are given, At the most vulnerable of times. Hope is what is needed, When…

Poetry Of Travel: Costa Rica

I have a love for travel! I think it is a wonderful feeling to discover new places and see the most amazing things. As I have traveled different places I have found myself with the urge to write poems about these places, and that is how the “Poetry of Travel came to play. I created…

Fell in love

I fell in love with the most courageous person… Who laughed too much, And cried too little, Who seeked adventure, And stories to tell.. Looked for love, Her prince of Wales.. Was brave and kind, Of brilliant mind Was flawed at times, But knew her rhymes Endlessly searching.. Hopelessly lurking.. I fell in love with…

Their love

their love was like the ocean, fierce, and unrelenting And at times… Calm and never ending


It is bruises I see, A black eye A controlling stare A ‘fall down the stairs’ you say… You avert your eyes, Don’t you dare “He loves me,” you yell, He can’t control his fist But “I love you,” I yell, I cannot see you LIKE THIS [  ABUSED ]

Poetry of Travel: Key west

I am at the southern point In life.. Where there is no where else to go.. 90 miles to Cuba, The ocean is my home… Location: Key West

The Story: part 1

Let me tell you a story…. A story that begins where it ends, and ends where it begins. Of Love lost… And hope anew .. Of a princess.. A fool.. And a Shoe…

My heart

It is my heart that beats for you ..            Endlessly,                 With no reservation,             Uncontrollably, With only you in mind …..                           CnW

Poetry of Travel: local beauties

She saw the world as an empty canvas of endless possibilities… and with a brush in hand, she could create something beautiful.

Poetry of Travel: DC

What happens when the flowers bloom Spring to come, And summer soon.. Fall awaits And winter snakes .. When the flowers bloom Note: Cherry blossom festival in DC