Nurse Practitioner Jess Chapter 11

A bully, is a bully, They make you feel small, They taunt and they tease, And aren’t pleased at all. They play at your weakness, They poke and they prod, You feel defeated, As they stand tall. A bully, is a bully, They feed off your fear, Are the most pleasent of people When others…

Nurse Practitioner Jess: Chapter 4

Sometimes I must be reminded …… Even in the most worrisome of times, There is hope to be found in the dark. Good to be found in the bad, Happiness even when sad. ================================== Medicine can be a tough field to work in. We cherish the success stories .. the man who could walk again…

American Dream

America the free, America the beautiful, America made for me. America the kind , Not unjust, And unplagued, America the unbiased, Racial equal, And unscathed, America the peaceful, Diverse, And unique, America the brave, This is the American dream.

To The Nurse

To the brave, The few, The chosen. The healing, Compassionate, The Serving. To the 12 hour shifts, And the coffee trips. From code browns, To code blues, To the ….. “I am happy to serve you.” To the long days, To a job that pays. And I wouldn’t trade it anyways! To late night tears…

To Cuba, With Love ❤💋

To Cuba, with love!May you shine bright.Classic cars that zoom the streets.Local stores; prim and neat.Cobblestone steps that pave the way.Cigars and Rum will make your day.Tropicana where they dance the night.Passionate people!So take flight!It’s with admiration I say,With much delight!To Cuba with love.A country so bright.

Brightest Of Things

What is a sunflower if not the brightest of things. If not a beauty to behold. A treasure to uphold, One of nature finer things, And our duty to preserve *Magnolia Garden and plantation in Charleston, South Carolina

Poetry Of Travel: Costa Rica

I have a love for travel! I think it is a wonderful feeling to discover new places and see the most amazing things. As I have traveled different places I have found myself with the urge to write poems about these places, and that is how the “Poetry of Travel came to play. I created…

Cabin in The Woods

I am enchanted by this cabin in the woods, Where the fairies frolic, and dance in the sun Where innocence lays for those who are young, Where seclusion is welcomed with open arms, Thoughts, and dreams a mile long ………… My secret place, my moment of peace, My great escape, Here.. I am FREE!