Brightest Of Things

What is a sunflower if not the brightest of things. If not a beauty to behold. A treasure to uphold, One of nature finer things, And our duty to preserve *Magnolia Garden and plantation in Charleston, South Carolina

I’m Transitioning

I’m in between stages in life, I have no idea what’s next. I just have a paper to pen, and a journal close to my chest.   The road is far and uncertain, I have no clue what to do. I just look ahead to the future Hoping for something new.        

Poetry in thoughts

Stay in good spirits my friend.. let nothing bring you down,   Learn from your mistakes,     Give it all it takes …                       Don’t let them see you frown P.S: Stay positive in this sometimes negative world

Confessions of a graduate Student

Hey readers so I have recently started graduate school, and haven’t been posting as much and for that I am sorry. Today I had one of my light bulb moments, and I realized that there comes a point were you are studying up to your ears, so focused on getting that A or passing ….That…

Up a Mountain

Up the mountain we shall go, Sights to see, and places to know. It might be scary, But take that hike, Take a friend Ride a bike. Relax When you get there, Take a deep breath You it made my friend! Enjoy, and rest!