The Poetry of Travel

Lets travel across the world,

and write a poem or two,

because the poetry of travel,

is nothing without YOU!

Nurse Practitioner Jess Chp 50
(Flashback Friday: Amalfi Coast) Isn’t it a beautiful thing to be curious, To inquire about things unknown, To want to
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Nurse Practitoner Jess Chp 49
Embrace your surroundings, Adjust to circumstances beyond your control, Adapt to environments to which you are unsure. Be open to
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Nurse Practitioner Jess Chp 48
It has been a year of growth, And lessons learned, Heartache, From friendships lossed, Challenges presented, And overcomed Battles fought,
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Nurse Practitioner Jess chp 47
I don’t have all the answers, And sometimes I’m unsure, I am not the picture of perfection, Behind closed doors
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