1. The Grieving Mother

Ashes to ashes,
Stone to stone,
The death of a child,
A mother’s young born.

Looks of sorrow,
Endless despair.
The loss of herself,
When no one is there.

“They took him too soon.”
“I should of been first.”
Words on repeat,
The sound of defeat.

But time passes,
She struggles on,
Shares her story,
And moves on.

But always, oh always!
She carries her child,
In her soul, wherever she goes.

Welcome to the world baby boy

2. Welcome to the world baby boy
Open your eyes now, don’t you fret
Life out here may be tough but I’ll get you through this mess

Now baby boy don’t you cry
I’ve got big plans for you
A world filled with love and big dreams
Of promises that will be fulfilled by any means

Baby boy let me see that smile
I’ll make it last forever
No moments of sadness here
No tears, just moments to treasure

Shhhh now baby boy, it’s time to go to sleep
Life is at your grasp
No problem is too steep
Find comfort in my arms
For there is protection here
Find ease in my voice
For in it strength is near

Welcome to the world baby boy
As I look at your face, I see the future
Of things to come, and things to be
The world lays at your feet


3. Hospital Room 

I lay here in my hospital bed,

Wondering about the world.

of busy streets,

and city beats,

and all the things I have left to see,


Of all the troubles I have left behind,

all the answers I didn’t find,

all the worries that plague my mind,

and of all the people who were true and kind.


What is my fate in this hospital room?

Is it that of gloom and doom.

will I be left to wonder about the world,

and be sent to an early tomb.

Will I be healed, than set free,

through these doors,

is it meant to be!!!

Life awaits me, but here I stay, in this hospital room.


4. Sunrise 


Look at the sunrise my dear,
The day has just begun.
May it bring great joy, and surprises,
Or a day filled with fun.

Contemplate the day’s adventures
The important things to do.
Take a moment and breathe it in,
This sunrise is for you.


5. My Doctor

I wrote a letter to my doctor, it wasn’t very nice.

about all the troubles I’ve had this year.

and how my health has paid the price.


I blamed him for the flu I got,

the sniffles in the spring,

The rash upon my back,

the sores upon my feet.


Things he didn’t catch at all,

test he didn’t do.

medications that didn’t work

and things he should of knew.


Things I couldn’t blame him for,

but yet I wrote a letter.

because I truly believed that,

my doctor should know better.


6. Life Anew

I have a new outlook on life,

I see the world from a diffrent view.

with eyes wide open, a clear mind, and sights anew


I see the hope in the future,

the lessons of the past,

the worth of an individual,

that I truly hope will last.


Have no regrets,

leave no stone unturned,

life is but a mess,

but yet I seem to yearn,

for things out of my reach,

things I need to teach,


Live life to the fullest,

for that’s what they say,

for that is the truth,

and that is the way.


7. My One of a Kind

I Have Faith in you,

A promise that can not be broken.

I trust you with all my heart , and soul

my hero who can not be taken.


I take Pride in you,

my star among the sky,

My angel without wings,

get ready and set to fly.


My Whole purpose for living,

my strength when I have none.

the postive force of energy,,

when i truly think I am done.


My rock,

My foundation,

My peace of mind,

my life,

my love,

my one of a kind.


8. To My Good Friend

Thanks for being that shoulder to cry on,

a place to stay when I needed it.

Laughing at my crazy jokes

wiping up my tears.


All the great adventures,

are nothing without you.

Life lessons that I learn

you are one of few.


Late nights, private jokes

things I’ll always remember.

may our friendship last forever!

will our ties never be severed.


9. What is Beauty?

What is beauty if not a sight to behold,
A Moment to cherish,
A gift in need,
And that which we seek.

What is beauty if not a force to be reckoned with.
Treasure often rare,
Hard to find,
That which is fair,
Clears the mind.

What is beauty if not easy,
Makes us jealous,
Makes us queasy.

What is beauty if not on the inside,
That which glows,
That which flows,
That which passes along from one person to the next.

What is beauty if not blind,
Something that depends on the person eyes.
What I find beautiful you might not
You might see something ugly, that rots

What is beauty, tell me not
It’s something that is often sought.


10. The Vow

I vow for a life never ending,

as I stand here and look at you today.

good days, and happiness aplenty,

No madness among the Frey.


Joy in most all things,

a heart that belongs to you,

A soul that has grant you passage,

to all the things I do.


Adventure and sweet dreams await us,

and magic will fill the air,

are life will be most daring ,

A wild love affair.


I Vow from this day forward,

to make each day like it is our last.

to treasure each moment with you,

and take this life to task.


Forevermore, forever grateful

I vow to be so faithful.

A story with no ending,

our love will need no mending


I vow to give you love everlasting,

and continous unhindering, laughing.

for our marriage will never be lacking

in the songs and the passion of love.


11. Here’s to you New graduate!

Welcome to the world of endless possibilities,
where will you go?
Only you know.

A world filled with uncertainty, and temptation
take a step forward and make your declaration!
for the mark you will leave on this world
is only yours for the making,
with vast opportunities for the taking.

Say your goodbyes, shed your tears, and rejoice!
because life is nothing if not a pathway of choice.

As you cross that stage
stand firmly and proud.
for what you have accomplished
say it out loud!

walk away in good strength
no turning back now,
time to hit the road
and leave this town.

and may we all wish you
the best of luck
and hope in your journey
that you will never get stuck!

and we leave you with these parting words:
have strength, have courage,
never be discouraged
walk in good faith
because the future is yours to take!

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