I’m Transitioning

I’m in between stages in life, I have no idea what’s next. I just have a paper to pen, and a journal close to my chest.   The road is far and uncertain, I have no clue what to do. I just look ahead to the future Hoping for something new.        

You and Me

“What is love?” she asked does it stagger, or does it grow does it fester, does it flow is it precious, or is it blind. is it something quite divine. “What is love?” she asked “love is this.” he said love is faith, and love is kind, love is endless, ¬†love is time. love is…

Fell in love

I fell in love with the most courageous person… Who laughed too much, And cried too little, Who seeked adventure, And stories to tell.. Looked for love, Her prince of Wales.. Was brave and kind, Of brilliant mind Was flawed at times, But knew her rhymes Endlessly searching.. Hopelessly lurking.. I fell in love with…

Their love

their love was like the ocean, fierce, and unrelenting And at times… Calm and never ending

Poetry of Travel: Chicago

In a city I once knew I was taken for a view… Of glorious buildings Near a lake, And a history known to few, Of a reflection on a bean, A summer with a scene, Fireworks,  fountain and a pier.. Welcome to Chicago my dear Location: Chicago


It is bruises I see, A black eye A controlling stare A ‘fall down the stairs’ you say… You avert your eyes, Don’t you dare “He loves me,” you yell, He can’t control his fist But “I love you,” I yell, I cannot see you LIKE THIS [¬† ABUSED ]

Poetry of Travel: Key west

I am at the southern point In life.. Where there is no where else to go.. 90 miles to Cuba, The ocean is my home… Location: Key West

Poetry of Travel: local treasures

Hark! It is the beauty you seek Hidden behind the mask, Hidden treasures……         come take a peek, You simply have to ask Location: bluefield estate winery Gainesville, FL        CnW

The Story: part 1

Let me tell you a story…. A story that begins where it ends, and ends where it begins. Of Love lost… And hope anew .. Of a princess.. A fool.. And a Shoe…

My heart

It is my heart that beats for you ..            Endlessly,                 With no reservation,             Uncontrollably, With only you in mind …..                           CnW