Poetry of Travel: local treasures

Hark! It is the beauty you seek Hidden behind the mask, Hidden treasures……         come take a peek, You simply have to ask Location: bluefield estate winery Gainesville, FL        CnW

The Story: part 1

Let me tell you a story…. A story that begins where it ends, and ends where it begins. Of Love lost… And hope anew .. Of a princess.. A fool.. And a Shoe…

My heart

It is my heart that beats for you ..            Endlessly,                 With no reservation,             Uncontrollably, With only you in mind …..                           CnW


The father asked the son, “why are you angry?” The son said because of the injustice in the world        The young black boy who died the other day, By police brutality is all that has been said…. Riots in Baltimore with bricks that are thrown, News reports with violence being shown. The son implored,…

Poetry of Travel: local beauties

She saw the world as an empty canvas of endless possibilities… and with a brush in hand, she could create something beautiful.

Poetry of Travel: DC

What happens when the flowers bloom Spring to come, And summer soon.. Fall awaits And winter snakes .. When the flowers bloom Note: Cherry blossom festival in DC

Poetry in thoughts

Stay in good spirits my friend.. let nothing bring you down,   Learn from your mistakes,     Give it all it takes …                       Don’t let them see you frown P.S: Stay positive in this sometimes negative world

Poetry in thoughts

It’s the eyes … It’s the eyes that tell us what we need to know, The eyes that lie and hurt us so

Poetry in thoughts

There was anger in her heart… So blinded by it.. She never dared to Love..

Poetry of Travel: PCB

Waves upon the shore,  Peace of mind you see, Sunset skies, Breathless wonders, What is it that you seek?

Poetry in thoughts

She danced in the fire that was her life, and took measures to make sure she wasn’t burned…