Nurse Practitioner Journey

Come with me as I navigate through my first year as a Nurse practitioner.

May you flourish,

May you grow,

May you learn..

Things you don’t know,

May you expand,

All parts of you mind.

And look forward,

Not behind.

Nurse Practitionet Jess chp 42
Poem: I hope my kindness reaches, As there is no reward i seek, May my compassion surround, To embrace those
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Nurse Practitioner Jess Chp 41
It is not goodbye , It is see you later, And wish you well, On to greater, And not farewell,
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Nurse Practitioner Jess Chapter 40: Happy Nurses Week
A superhero without a cape, Performing miracles day by day, Recognition they do not ask, As it is their job,
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Happy Nurses Week
There is not a mess I haven’t cleaned, Or one i haven’t seen, And i run the fastest, In an
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Nurse Practitioner Jess Chp 39
Here’s to battles won, And problems solved. Obstacles conquered, And conflicts resolved. As the strength to overcome, And the will
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Nurse Practitioner Jess Chp 38
There are those who fight, And those who don’t, Others accept fate, And are more comfortable at home. There are
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Happy Earth Day 🌍
Poem: To the roots that have stood the test of time, Bore trees that have provided shade, To the calmness
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We don’t play cards
In response to senator maureen walsh comment that nurses ‘play cards’ for most of the day. – Poem: I don’t
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Nurse Practitioner Jess Chp 37
Poem: An idea is planted, Sprouts roots, and takes hold. Begins to surface, And continues to grow. Starts to take
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National Poetry Month 💖
The unexpected happens, When we least expect. A curve ball has been thrown, To which we proceed to catch. As
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