Life Lessons

Lesson: HIM

You know who I am talking about. The one you can’t get out of your mind. The one who probably right now is not even giving you a second thought.
You spent hours thinking about him, and he probably spent a couple of seconds thinking about you. He makes your heart beat fast, makes you nervous. You can’t seem to get over ….,…HIM.
He played a small part of your life, but you somehow made him bigger than he was. Believed his lies, and got caught up In…..HIM
He’s a good for nothing, god forsaken, son of a god damn he is so fine. Butterflies in your stomach, you shiver in his presence.
HIM …..your dream come true, your worse nightmare.
Her… His princess, main chick, girl that he hides you from. You get jealous, over analyze when you were really nothing to HIM in the first place.
YOU… Are a beautiful human being who deserves better, and although it may be hard, will take a large amount of your time… You need to get Over HIM and focus on YOU!!!

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  1. Sketchpacker says:

    So true! And its me like HIM who can so often ruin your later relationships because you project that onto a man who is not HIM at all…

    1. Sketchpacker says:

      oops, *men~=!

    2. I completely agree!

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