Nursing Confessions

New nurse confession

1.  Sometimes I feel like I have no clue what I am doing. I can not remember every little detail in nursing school. Patient has a chest tube WHAT?!? I have never dealt with chest tubes. I have read about them sure, had NCLEX questions about chest tubes heck yes. have I had a patient with one HELL NO. I want to ask for help, but some of the older nurses look at you like you are the dumbest chick in the world… (Give you that is this chick for real look?!?). Confession I google a lot, go back to my nursing school books to look things up. Sometimes I feel like I get lucky, and even if I get the “is this chick for real look” I will ask for help with my head held up high, because my license is on the line, and I have a life in my hands

2. I try to avoid the work place drama. When coworkers talk about other coworkers I become a ghost… quiet, and leave the room. Most people would call me outgoing but at work i am silient. I find that drama makes for a harder working environment. I am sure this is true with most professions. At the end of the day you go into work with a job to do…not drama to deal with. It all sums up to this “Drama free is the way to be!”

3. Team work makes the dream work and that is very true in the case of nursing. If your patient goes from stable to unstable it is good to have a great nursing team or staff behind you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and delegate. If you are new to the nursing game, and have no clue what is going on….get your charge nurse or an experienced nurse . CALL FOR HELP. Help with documentation, vitals, medication administration and stat labs can be a big save!! It doesn’t take just one person to save a life, but a team of people. Work together, work as a team because teamwork does make the dream work and could save a life. Just another nursing lesson

Nursing Tips/ Secrets

1. Nurses make for the worst patients .

2. Never stand between your patient, and their pain medication

3. A good charge nurse makes for a good shift!


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