This One Is for the TEAM

Forever grateful for my amazing coworkers. Who have helped build the Nurse I am today. Whether it be guidance they have provided, tips for success they have given, or help during a code. I am nothing with out my nursing team and everything with them. This one is for the team.


This One Is For the Team

This one is for the nurse,

who helps when you are in the weeds.

So far behind ,

there is not an end to be seen.

This one is for the nurse,

who always has your back.

Angry patients, screaming, yelling

She says, “enough of that ”

This one is for the senior nurse,

who took the new nurse under their wing.

Words of encouragment,

as she states, “it will get better, you’ll see.”

This one is for the group of nurses,

That make twelve hours seem like a breeze.

Working together side by side,

No nurse gets left behind,

An aiding hand you will always find.

This one is for the TEAM.

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