Thank you for your Service.

As always reflecting on the journey and thankful for the process. (In the poetic way)


Serviceman to our country,

Let me put this bluntly,

Thank you for your service.

And the sacrifices you have made.

For all us to live,

yet another day.

Let me take an oath,

To Serve you in your time of ailing

When you are sick,

and life is failing.

To give you health,

To spend your days,

In peace,

For the peace you gave.


I have spent my whole professional nursing career at the Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare system. To think I started off wanting to be a pediatric nurse, but we all know the path we lead can stray to another direction. My first clinical rotation I was introduced to the VA. I encountered veterans who had a story to tell if you only took the time to listen. A grateful, yet intricate patient population. Through no fault of my own I became enamored with the VA system… the patients, the employees and of course the benefits. I did everything i could to get my foot in the door.. from nursing extern, to nurse resident, to finally staff nurse. I proclaimed to anyone who would listen, that I would never leave the VA .. and they haven’t gotten rid of me yet. Forever and always … serving those who served.

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    Thank you.

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