Nursing School

Looking back on the nursing journey, I reflect on my time in nursing school… in the poetic way of course.


Two years of intense studies,

Smiles, laughs, and nursing buddies.

Clincal group,

And nursing lab,

Starting IVs,

And going to class.

First day of clincal,

A case full of nerves,

Nursing preceptors,

Time to observe.

Care plans,

A daily struggle.

Lets talk through it

During clinical huddle.

Study groups,

A Hesi exam.

Final practicum,

And NCLEX Cram.


Nursing school, the hardest two years of my college career, but also the most rewarding. Between academic holds, all classes dropped due to financial aid, and failed Hesi exams.. nursing school was never short of excitement. Every challenge thrown was a challenged conquered. Through the many battles came the two words I fought for BSN, RN.

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