The Journey

As I enter my last couple of shifts as a Bedside nurse …. I thought why not blog about the journey, but in the Poetic way of course.


The Chosen Path

I took the chosen path,

Only few are meant to take.

The road not always easy,

But well worth the wait.

I had my fair of troubles,

Struggles that seemed too hard,

Thought I would be defeated.

Persevered, and stood tall.

I don’t regret the journey,

Or the uncertainty ahead,

I am proud of the career,

And the path I have lead.

I was a first generation college student at a big university. I was under the misguided impression that once I got into college, and declared my major as nursing that was it. One semester in, I got a reality check and found out you had to apply to the College of Nursing, and it was highly competitive. From that point on I threw all my focus towards my dream of becoming a nurse. That meant turning a low GPA to a competitive GPA. I honed in on my studies and found out everything I could about admission into the college of nursing. Some might say I was obsessive….and if you did not know where to find me, look no further than the nursing advisor’s office. Suffice to say, I did get into nursing school. The journey not always easy, but well worth the wait.

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