As I Start My Shift

As I start my shift,

I must remember this.

I don’t know what is ahead.

A night of toils, trouble, or dread.

Or will it be quiet.

Not a sound to be heard.

But IV poles, and call bed noise.

I get a little nervous,

As i walk in,

Unknown circumstances,

Just waiting for my shift to begin.

But, must I never forget,

This is the life I picked.

To aid the ailing, hurt, and sick,

As I start my shift .

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  1. Auntysocial says:

    I read this almost with a tinge of envy at remembering the only thing about working night shifts which I did predominately for years was there was no way you could know what was gonna happen.

    1. confessionsofanurseandwriter says:

      I agree, you either walk into a good shift, bad shift, or an overall crazy shift.

      1. Auntysocial says:

        The dreaded handover that ends with “Yeah been quiet really nothing much to report” made me twitch the most.

        “Don’t say that girls DO NOT SAY IT’S BEEN QUIET!!”

      2. confessionsofanurseandwriter says:

        Right!! When I hear that, I start knocking on wood and praying to the gods.

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