Confessions of a Nurse and Writer

Hi Guys,  I haven’t been much on the blog lately, but one of my goals for these following months is to increase my blog presence.  I want this blog to focus on my poetry, and writing in addition to life as a nurse! Please tag along with me.


Quick Intro: My name is Jeseeka (think Jessica but different pronunciation) , I have been a nurse for almost 5 years, but have had a love for poetry  for most of my life. One day I thought to myself why not combine the two and “Confessions of a Nurse and Writer” was created.  Like any average person I have my writer’s block or moments (more like GAPS) where I don’t feel like blogging but i’ve made a promise to myself  to eliminate the GAPS and just BLOG.






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  1. beautiful shot. I truly appreciate other artists that also work in a full time profession. Keep creating!

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