New Year…New confession

In this New year of 2015 I find myself filled insight, and questions… What does this New year have to Offer? what do I have to offer this New year? I find myself single, educated, and a Nurse. Will I find love like my young counterparts.. Endless stream of engagement photos, proposals, and weddings… Or will this year be filled with adventure? Will I travel and broaden my horizons … Or will I work and stay focused on Grad school. If I have learned anything this pass year it is this:

Don’t be afraid to try new things.. You can learn a lot about yourself by experiencing the unknown.

Learn from your mistakes and move on… It is my firm belief that everything happens for a reason. The universe is trying to impart some all knowing knowledge and you just have to open you ears and listen.New Year

Life is a precious gift.. Treasure it and make the best of it.

With this New year of 2015, I fully intend to continue doing what I did last year … I plan to live a lot, laugh uncontrollable, and look for adventure around every corner.

Stay Positive my friends, and most importantly … have an amazing year

From your friend (CnW (confessions of a nurse and writer) )New Year

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