To My Ex with Love

To my ex with Love… we were quite the pair
the connection we had, the loving stares
we’d laugh, we’d cry, we’d fight
we’d dine throughout the night.
you tickled me the right way
I loved you.. I can truly say

Alas we were not meant to be
I was one of three,
the jealousy, suspicion, heartbreak
the lies, the hurt, the heart ache

So… to my ex with love
regardless of the end,
I wish you the best,
and hope one day we can make amends
for if you taught me one thing…
it was to love with an Open heart
to experience the emotions of love,
and the sadness when it is torn apart

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  1. Hey I like reading your poem:)
    Just wanted to point out a teeny weenie mistake – “Atlas we were not meant to be”
    I think you meant ‘alas’?:)

    1. Thank you for the correction 🙂

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