Nurse On: The Slippery Virus: Another Healthcare Worker test Positive for Ebola

Second Healthcare worker test positive for Ebola

As we roll into Wednesday, we are faced with news that another healthcare worker in Texas has tested positive for Ebola. This brings to light many questions that have still been unanswered.. the biggest being how did this happen?
Viruses, bacteria, and fungus are unpredictable, you never know when they will creep up. Healthcare workers are taught many safety protocols to protect themselves, patients and the general population. Sometimes these safety protocols fail, because even thought we do everything in our power (put on gloves, mask, and Gown) to remain sterile and maintain isolation precautions …..Viruses, bacteria, and fungi are slippery little devils. Will we ever know how these healthcare workers became infected… maybe, and maybe Ebola is just a very slippery Virus. A slippery Virus that I know can be beaten. So to all my fellow Healthcare workers and human beings stay vigilant, stay informed, and NURSE ON.

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