The Clop

Up upon the willow top,
Where wily creatures slept,
I came upon a little Clop,
That fell upon my head.

A Clop so big, and hairy
Timid, slightly scary,
A magical creature so rare,
Capture it, if I so dare
Show the world my findings,
Exploit my never mindings

Break the Clop Piece, by Piece
Discover it’s secrets never cease,

But as I looked upon the little Clop,
I saw a look of fear that made me stop

Clop that fell upon my head
The look you give, stops me dead

For oh, now I see!!
Through my hands, I can destroy your peace,
The harmony you love, and only seek

So little Clop, I must let you go,
Because rare, and beautiful things,
Should be left alone.

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