Confessions of a graduate Student

Hey readers so I have recently started graduate school, and haven’t been posting as much and for that I am sorry. Today I had one of my light bulb moments, and I realized that there comes a point were you are studying up to your ears, so focused on getting that A or passing ….That life passes you by. Things you used to do ….take a back burner to studying, lectures…. But I chose to believe that there are 24 hrs in day… Of course I am gonna study, and of course I am gonna try my hardest, but I am also gonna live. Take a break, go out for drinks, travel, dance, date, write poetry on my blog… Sometimes you just have to find that balance between life and academics. Dr. Seuss once said that “life’s A great big balancing act!” And I am inclined to believe him.

All and all thanks for sticking by me, and I promise more post and poetry to come. I am still trying to get my balancing act right.

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