Children’s Series: Brown Kid

My mother asked me how was school,
We had a new boy in class today,
His skin was a little darker than mines,
Brown kid is what they say

No one wanted to talk to the brown kid,
Nobody but me,
I heard my classmates say he was different,
But how different can he be?

I looked him up and down,
No differences I could see,

Two eyes, a mouth, a nose
Ten fingers, and all ten toes
He walked, he spoke, he played,
Jeremy Butler was his name

But no one else wanted to bother,
They have never seen anything like him before,
So brown kid as they called him,
they simply just ignored

They didn’t pass him the ball at playtime,
Or sit with him at lunch,
And for most of the day,
Jeremy Butler was left all alone

When it came time for art class,
Jeremy sat by himself,
Until I picked up my art book
And sat with him myself

At the end of the day,
Fast friends we became,
And I told Jeremy Butler,
that we were one in the same

I told all my classmates,
I see no brown kid here,
I see a boy named Jeremy butler,
Who all of you seem to fear

For what is there to fear I ask,
When we are all but one,
Trying to live in this great earth,
This place under the sun

So look not at Jeremy’s skin,
But the character he displays,
Give him your friendship,
And may it last for days

So how was school today,
What can I really say,
But my classmates, and Jeremy Butler,
have come over to play!

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