Here’s a thought…..(Lonely Moment)

Here’s a thought……
Every one is connected to somebody. We are human beings in the hopeless need of companionship. Someone to laugh with, share our worries, tell the crazy things we believe happen to us throughout the day. Whether a close friend, sister or lover, BUT then there are those moments were you are all alone, phone is silent, with no one to talk to but yourself. Yourself, alone … What?!? There are billions of people in the world .. how is it that in that moment you are alone. How is it in that moment you feel heart-wrenchingly sad. But there is no need for sadness…In that moment embrace the loneliness, because you won’t be lonely for long. Self reflect, create, read a book. How can you be comfortable with others if you are not comfortable with yourself. In a few hours, a day or so, your phone will vibrate again. You family will call, friends with stories, and you won’t be lonely anymore. Sometimes you may never be alone….surround by companions, friends, social media updates, and if that’s the case I would say find time to have a lonely moment. A moment to yourself, and away from the world because I find that in those precious moments is when you truly find yourself. Things you didn’t know, and things you have yet to learn. …but that is just a thought.


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  1. You’re so right. I love spending time alone 🙂

    1. At first I found it difficult, but now I see that it is not such a bad thing!

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