Love You Daddy..

Drink, drink, drink
That is all he does,
The bottle is his new love,
A six pack of beer
That’s nothing
It’s a joke
A bottle of tequila,
Some wine, and his smokes

You are making mommy cry
She can’t deal with this stress
But you keep drinking Ciroc,
Because it is not your mess

Bills you don’t pay,
Jobs you don’t work,
Errands you don’t run,
Mom’s gonna go

The bar down the street,
Well that is your home
Hours spent there,
And you are never alone

Mom’s packed her bags,
You beg her to stay
“I’ll change, I’ll change,” you say
No more chances she is done
All she says is, “have your fun”

Weekends is all you get,
To see your kids,
Sure you have your regrets,
But drink, drink , drink you continue to do,
Drink, drink, drink when you take me to school.

Drink, drink, drink when you miss the red light
Drink, drink, drink when I have to fight for my life

“Love you daddy,”is the last words I say
Love you daddy, please don’t drink your life away.

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  1. onvfragoso says:

    Wow, that was powerful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am so glad you liked it! Thank you for commenting 😄

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