How do you Measure a Man’s Worth?

How do you measure a man’s worth?

Is the way that he dress,

Or words that he uses to impress,

The ladies he consider the best.


By the size of his shoes,

The way that he speaks,

The tone of his voice

Or the company he keeps.


Do you measure the swag in his step,

His eyes and their depth,

The dimples on his cheeks

That will keep you blushing for weeks.


Is it by his kisses,

Long and lingering,

The words of romance

That keeps you shivering


What about the bruises he gives,

Do you measure that?

As he pushes you to the floor

And attacks.


The way he speaks to you as if you are nothing,

Abusive words that have you crushing

Leaving you empty, and feeling disgusting.



I measure man by the worth of his words

The way he treats others,

Not the shape of his curves!


The bruises that he does not leave,

The tender loving that he gives, and receives

The way he  approaches and treats you with care,

Focuses on you as if you are the only one there.


But that’s my judgement and not yours

So let me ask you once more,

How do you measure a man’s worth?


Hi readers! did my first poetry reading to this poem. Was excited, and nervous and defintely stumbled on my words, and forgot parts. It was liberating and I encourage you all to follow your dreams, and do things you are afraid to do!

Poetry Reading
Poetry Reading

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