Children’s Series: The big dreams of Amber Macfee

Amber Macfee was only eight,
With big dreams she wanted to Fulfill, and couldn’t wait!
She dreamed of castles, swords and plays,
Of running her own kingdom one day.

Of being a doctor and healing the sick,
Of doing the Olympics and running real quick.
Of climbing trees and saving cats,
Putting out fires and making hats.

Being president extraordinaire,
Ruling the country if she only dared.

She dreamed of making gadgets and such,
And bringing life to everything she touched.

She had so many dreams
To others it would seem,
That she was being a bit extreme.

But follow your dreams her parents would say,
Make your path, and make your own way.
Become a doctor, Olympian, and president too!
If it will make you happy that is what you have to do.

So Amber Macfee had big dreams,
Almost as big as you and me.
She would dream something new every day,
Was ambitious, and happy and that is okay.

And when you ask amber will she make her dreams come true?
She would reply,” I am gonna try, and you should too.”

Second poem in the children’s series, hope you enjoy!

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