What is love?

What is love really?
Is it the love of a mother and child,
Is it heart racing, ears drumming
Butterflies in the stomach?

Is it painful,
Does it make you cry,
Does it bring Joy to the heart
and eases the mind?

Does it keep you up at night,
Burdens to hard to tell
Is it lethal,
Is it deadly.

Could you live without?
Could you live with it?
Are there bruises when you love,
Are there scars too deep to hide?

What is love I asks!
Because I don’t seem to know,
Does it hide from those who seek
Or does it ever show?

Does it make you whole,
Does it give you purpose,
Does it break your heart,
Does it make you nervous?

What is love I wonder?
Is it love I meant to hate
Does it seal my faith,
Leave me with no space.

Always seeking
Never answering
What is love I say!


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