Mother, Mother I Love you So!

Don’t be nervous, and have fun

you better walk now, don’t run.

Stand Up tall,

walk with pride,

tie your shoes,

don’t you hide.

pick up those feet,

don’t be late,

No dessert till you finish that plate!


Mother, Mother can’t you see

sometimes you talk the life out of me!


Smile now, make that face pretty

your room’s not clean, such a pity.

get those grades up,

now that’s enough!

I’ll set you straight, so don’t you fuss


Mother, Mother don’t you fret

life out here is such a mess.


Hold back those tears, it’s okay

no matter what the world says, I love you anyways.

I’ll be by your side  through all your troubles

support you through all your struggles.

and you may think I nag,

you may think i fuss

you probably think i’m somewhat nuts

but i’m your mother can’t you see

and you my child mean the world to me.


Mother, Mother I love you so.

thanks for the love, and helping me grow   

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