Here’s To You, New Graduate!

Here's to you New graduate!
Here’s to you New graduate!

Welcome to the world of endless possibilities,
where will you go?
Only you know.

A world filled with uncertainty, and temptation
take a step forward and make your declaration!
for the mark you will leave on this world
is only yours for the making,
with vast opportunities for the taking.

Say your goodbyes, shed your tears, and rejoice!
because life is nothing if not a pathway of choice.

As you cross that stage
stand firmly and proud.
for what you have accomplished
say it out loud!

walk away in good strength
no turning back now,
time to hit the road
and leave this town.

and may we all wish you
the best of luck
and hope in your journey
that you will never get stuck!

and we leave you with these parting words:
have strength, have courage,
never be discouraged
walk in good faith
because the future is yours to take!

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