The Vow

I vow for a life never ending,

as I stand here and look at you today.

good days, and happiness aplenty,

No madness among the Frey.


Joy in most all things,

a heart that belongs to you,

A soul that has grant you passage,

to all the things I do.


Adventure and sweet dreams await us,

and magic will fill the air,

are life will be most daring ,

A wild love affair.


I Vow from this day forward,

to make each day like it is our last.

to treasure each moment with you,

and take this life to task.


Forevermore, forever grateful

I vow to be so faithful.

A story with no ending,

our love will need no mending


I vow to give you love everlasting,

and continuous un-hindering, laughing.

for our marriage will never be lacking

in the songs and the passion of love.

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