New Nurse Confession

I try to avoid the work place drama. When coworkers talk about other coworkers I become a ghost… quiet, and leave the room. Most people would call me outgoing but at work i am silent. I find that drama makes for a harder working environment. I am sure this is true with most professions. At the end of the day you go into work with a job to do…not drama to deal with. It all sums up to this “Drama free is the way to be!”

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  1. Auntysocial says:

    Back again!

    Oh God yes… the bitching, backstabbing and general pissing and moaning. In fairness that happens in all workplaces but with it being a predominantly female profession, nursing has more than its fair share.

    Have you been given the cold shoulder or been questioned within an inch of your life yet as to why you go quiet / leave / don’t get embroiled? The gossips and bitchy types tend to spot a non-member faster than they’d spot a man wearing his wife’s dress on inside out and back to front. 🙂

    1. Nursing a profession prone to drama, too many hormones in one place. My co-workers just label me as quiet… and that is justification enough for my behavior.

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