Nurse Practitioner Jess: Bali

I had the amazing opportunity to go to bali and let me just say it was a truly one of a kind experience. From the temples, people, and food. Bali became a place i loved. Poem: There is peace to be found in places unknown, As you discover new things you learned on your own….

Nurse Practitioner Jess: Travels

Where to next nurse practitioner jess? Onwards you go to seek and reflect, To explore, and ponder, To embrace down yonder, The wonders you have yet to see.

Nurse Practioner Jess: Hurricane

As we wait for the storm, With it’s earth shattering winds, Awaiting to feel the heavy drops of rain. Nervousness due to the anticipation Of devastation this storm might bring. A show of mother nature’s fury, A glimpse of mother nature’s pain. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As the hurricane approaches take care of yourself,and take care of your…

Nurse Practitioner Jess: Lessons Learned

Fear keeps us quiet, But courage, Courage amplifies our voice, Speaks truth among lies, And helps us stand tall against adversity. ~ Courage makes us loud, Courage makes us proud, Courage overcomes fear.

Nurse Practitioner Jess: Lessons Learned

“Sometimes there are no words necessary, there is understanding with silence, Comprehension through actions, And emotion through touch that can speak words of love. ❤

Nurse Practitioner Jess: The End of a Year

OFFICALLY ONE YEAR ago today I started my first Nurse Practitioner job. One year ago today I commited myself to writing a poem once a week for my blog (Confessions Of a Nurse and writer) to commemorate the journey. One year ago today I started a new chapter in this journey called life. ❤ –…

Nurse Practitioner Jess Chp 52

Silence does no one justice, Speak up, And voice your concerns. Don’t dwell on what you don’t know, You’ll learn, and let instincts take hold. Compassion can make all the difference, Compassion is what we should teach, Because sometimes just a little compassion, Is all that a patient needs. If I learned anything during my…

Nurse Practitioner Jess Chp 51

What a difference a year makes, Days turn into weeks, Weeks transition into months, And months creep up into a year.. The person you were, Is the person you’re not, The lessons you learned, Are now lessons you’ve taught. – Well folks almost at my ONE YEAR mark as a Nurse practitioner. One year of…